Acquiring cards

From time to time new packs will appear into the crypts and you may spend $SOUL to acquire a card. Every pack contains a card and have a starting price of USD 60 in $SOUL. That price may change later according to the flow of new players to keep a well balanced economy.

Cards rarity

Each card has a rarity with a given chance to obtain:
  • Common (65%)
  • Rare (24,5%)
  • Epic (9%)
  • Legendary (1,5%)
The rarer the card the higher their power contribution. In the second update different rarities combination in your team can give you certain bonuses.


Every card acquired is a NFT and is avaiable for trade in your wallet. We do not control your NFTs. They are yours to do whatever you want anytime you want to (and that's how all game should do it right?). We strongly recomend that you trade your NFTs only using battletested marketplaces like Lootex and TofuNFT.

Card Power

Every card has a power that is a little random but directly related to each card rarity. The card power is checked to distribute staking rewards and to verify floor wins in the crypt.
Chance and Power min/max

Cards race

Every card also has a race. That attribute will be relevant when assembling team combinations in the second update giving power bonus depending on the races combination on your team.
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