Cryptocards is a card game in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) featuring seasonal competitive gameplay using its beautiful and curated card collection, strategic decisions and bountyful rewards.

Beautiful and curated card collection

Your fighters are not only fighting machines ready to crush the next crypt floor (or other commanders hopes), they are beautiful limited minted NFTs that you can trade in any marketplace in the blockchain. Every NFT transaction generates taxes that are used to keep up game development and marketing. Those are the game main revenue stream and guarantees that the developers would never have to actively sell tokens to keep the game running.

Strategic decisions

Cryptocards is a long term project with a well layered roadmap for the long run. The game have 3 big updates already planned with increasingly gameplay complexity:
  • The first version of the game is a pure NFT staking system which splits the daily $SOUL emission between each player accordingly with their staked NFTs cumulated staked power.
  • The second update is where the real complexity begins with players combining different races and rarities to obtain higher power bonuses to their team. This update will also feature card upgrading and equipments for each fighter raising combinantion possibilities and gameplay complexity without increasing gameplay time. It will increase planning time, but we are all commanders after all aren't we?
  • The third update is where the player versus player really kicks in allowing direct combat between player formations. Here we will also realease scholarships to allow investors to keep big investments in game while giving a lot of people the opportunity to play and earn!

Bountyful rewards

Every season there will be great rewards cumulated from different aspects of the $SOUL token and gameplay elements at the Crypt last floor. Every player can earn by playing not only by trading the $SOUL they acquire but also from their rank at the end of the season.
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