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Collect and earn

The first version of the game will be a collect and earn game where players can stake their obtained NFTs to earn $SOUL. The $SOUL earned will be locked inside the game until the token IDO.

Staking earnings

The $SOUL daily emitions will be calculated considering the total and average power staked at the time of calculation in a way that the average staked power would receive USD 60 of tokens at IDO price (4,000 $SOUL) until the IDO:
For example:
Total staked power: 100,000
Average staked power: 1,000
Days to IDO from stake beginning: 22
Total daily tokens:
Tokens per power per day: $SOUL 0.18

Season 1 packs and staking earnings

Players will be able to buy season 1 packs when the stores open (1 day before the IDO) using their staking rewards.
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