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What started as a great way to pump our community and development at the early stages was slowly abandoned as the development happenned in-house and the community developed organically with the INO. We decided to drop this sale round and burn all tokens allocated for that.

Initial NFT Offering

Our first sale was the INO of season 0 cards. Season 0 cards are specially never minted again cards that have the following bonuses for our early adopters:
  • +10% power boost on top of their base power
  • Does not count as an off-season card in any formation (refer to play to earn for more info)
  • Can be staked for tokens until game launch
Besides giving those bonuses by buying at least one card during the INO would give the wallet a guaranteed slot into the token presale.
The INO had a public whitelist of 500 wallets and a private whitelist of strategic partners and content creators of around 100 wallets. Our aim was to reach at least 600 cards minted until the end of the INO. Most of INO funds will be used for marketing and comunity building.


Our presale is intended to help build community and hype around our game while giving the most active players in the community an edge in acquiring tokens and NFTs. Players that participate in the presale can buy season 1 NFTs one day before the public sale, while also acquiring some tokens with a 25% discount from the public sale. The presale caracteristics are:
  • Softcap: U$ 165,000
  • Hardcap: U$ 325,000
  • Minimum buy: U$ 200
  • Maximum buy: U$ 3,000
  • Price: U$ 0,013
The tokens acquired in the presale will be sent directly into the game and can be used to buy cards freely. To withdraw those tokens from game each player will be assigned a random vesting scheme of around a week of partial unlocks until 100% of their acquired token are unlocked. This way we hope to avoid big dumps in the early stages of the IDO.
If we do not achieve the softcap within the whitelist we will open the sale for the public until the softcap is reached.

Initial Dex Offering

The initial dex offering will be our main source of funds and also the main source of liquidity for the project. More than 85% of the funds will be directly allocated into the liquidity pool and locked for 2 years. The IDO will happen in a battle tested third party launchpad like Unicrypt, DXSale or Pinksale when our token and contracts are fully audited and we conclude our KYC. The IDO characteristics are:
  • Softcap: U$345,000
  • Hardcap: U$675,000
  • Price: U$ 0,015
  • First come first served
If we do not achieve the softcap we will burn half the IDO tokens and relaunch the IDO until the softcap is reached.
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Initial NFT Offering
Initial Dex Offering